Procurement Guidance Tool

A tool to assist procurers in the construction pipeline to implement the Balanced Scorecard Approach developed by government.

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The CPA's work is supported by committees and groups where the expertise of our members is focused on the key issues impacting their business and the wider industry.  Because the Association represents 85% of the construction products industry (by value), the work undertaken by these committees and groups results in credible, influential contributions.  This is particularly evident when the UK and EU governments request our help in advising on policies and regulations. 

These committees and groups, particularly the External Affairs Committee, the Sustainability Policy Group and the Technical Committee, are open to members large and small.  And while the majority of attendees are mid-level or senior executives from their respective organisations, in most cases the meetings, related papers and minutes and consultations are freely accessible to all interested members.  This open invitation and sharing of information enables the CPA to learn from a broad cross-section of industry professionals and develop the strongest possible evidence for its policy positions.  At the same time, any members who share similar interests or concerns can gain valuable knowledge to benefit their own organisations. 


Industry Principals Council

Trade Association Council

Forecast Panel

External Affairs Committee

Sustainability Policy Group

Technical Committee