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Construction products form and define our ‘built environment’, enabling our everyday life.

Our industry creates the products and materials necessary to build and refurbish homes, offices, shops, roads and railways, schools, hospitals and everything in-between.

It’s the roof over your head and the floor under your feet; the walls in every room together with the insulation and heating systems that keep those rooms comfortable; it’s bathroom fixtures and kitchen worktops; pipes that bring water and sealants to prevent leaks; the doors to lock and the windows to see out; it’s the foundations, frames and fabric for every building, every street and every structure around you; and, the paints to colour it all.

All of this is produced and supplied here in the UK by a highly skilled, innovative workforce using advanced, sustainable methods.

The Construction Products Association represents the UK's manufacturers and distributors of construction products and materials.  The sector directly provides jobs for 337,000 people across 23,818 companies and has an annual turnover of more than £60.2 billion.

The CPA acts as the leading voice to promote and campaign for this vital UK industry.

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