CPA Launches Skills Report

[This blog is excerpted from the Skills Report 2015, and is the first in a series.] As the construction industry continues on the path to recovery, skills shortages are becoming more apparent. The industry has lost 343,000 jobs since the financial crisis and will lose another 400,000 to retirement in the coming decade.

The construction products manufacturing and distribution sectors organise training at their facilities across the UK, particularly to skill the builders and tradespeople in “user training” to ensure that products are correctly installed onsite.  For example, the CPA’s largest company members train on average 21,108 people through 3,523 courses per year for this purpose. Research by the Association, however, suggests that the majority of this training is informal and does not lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

The ‘Skills Report 2015’ shows there is a clear opportunity for the construction products industry to place product user training on a more formal footing. By establishing a recognised training process, manufacturers would not only have greater confidence that their materials and products are being installed correctly by qualified individuals, but the builders and tradespeople would be better trained, with more flexible and professional credentials; all of which should in turn improve productivity.

The CPA proposes a new process which aligns training to qualifications where those exist.  You can see an example of that process on pages 13-15 of the Report.

Additionally, the industry will need further information, advice and guidance on other avenues of support available so that companies and trade associations can expand and grow their relationship with relevant Sector Skills Councils.

By organising and collaborating in this way across the supply chain, the construction industry would become more productive and better able to meet the demands ahead.

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