Climate Adaption Workshop + APRES Conference

Blog by Jane Thornback, CPA Sustainability Policy Adviser 

Climate Adaptation Workshop, Brussels

Numerous initiatives are looking at the needs for climate adaptation of our cities and buildings, given the likely changes in climate scenarios expected regardless of measures to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

Construction Products Europe (CPA’s umbrella body in Europe) convened a workshop in Brussels with presentations from the insurance, mortgage and banking industries, as well as EU officials to look at ways to improve and drive energy efficiency. In addition, CEN and CENELEC will convene on 15 December in the Netherlands to look at the role of standardisation in adapting buildings to climate change – there are very practical issues to do with flooding, droughts, increased wind speeds etc. that require changes to standards. Read their report here.

Conference: Managing risk and enhancing reputation through responsible sourcing

The fifth APRES Conference Managing risk and enhancing reputation through responsible sourcing will take place on 24 November 2015 in London, with a keynote address from Peter Caplehorn, Policy Director & Deputy Chief Executive, Construction Products Association.

Responsible sourcing is a part of the sustainability agenda associated with the demonstration of social and environmental consideration of construction products and materials across the project supply chain, for both buildings and civil infrastructure, with a specific consideration of the ethical and social impacts of supply chains. Responsible sourcing of products is a key focus for organisations, and there has been a growing awareness of the manufacturers of these products.

This year’s programme will provide an opportunity to hear progress from across the sector, including a number of new and innovative tools and guidance. For further information and to book please click here.

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