CPA Welcomes Extension of the Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme

The Construction Products Association (CPA) welcomes today's announcement from government to defer implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme on Packaging for a year until October 2025. We agree with others across our industry and more widely amongst manufacturers, retailers and food producers who have also urged a more measured, considered approach.

CPA raised major concerns over the implementation of the EPR on packaging waste earlier this year and called on government to stretch out the implementation phase of the scheme. There has been continuing lack of clarity from government as to how the Scheme will operate leaving businesses unable to plan or budget for the changes ahead.  We hope this extension will give time for government to provide that much needed clarity and granularity.

We continue to challenge government on its assertion that construction products sold through builders merchants/distributors will result in all the packaging waste entering the household waste stream. It does not and therefore should not be subject to Waste Management Fees through the EPR. 

Read the Government announcement here.

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