CPA Welcomes The Pallet LOOP as new Associate Member

The Construction Products Association (CPA) has welcomed The Pallet LOOP to its membership in a move to support the transition to a more sustainable future for pallet usage amongst construction product manufacturers. The Pallet LOOP, which launched earlier this year and is the sector’s first ever circular economy, carbon net zero, pallet reuse scheme, is set to transform the way building materials move throughout the construction industry supply chain.

With a sustainability work stream that is now twenty years in maturity, the CPA has long been committed to working with its members on environmental sustainability issues, including Net Zero and Resources, Waste and the Circular Economy. With the addition of The Pallet LOOP to CPA membership, the Association can help embed more circular economy practices within distribution and supply of construction products.

Centred around the principles of ‘recover, repair and reuse’, The Pallet LOOP aims to eliminate avoidable pallet waste in the construction sector by incentivising pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to-use, deposit-based system. It’s estimated that widespread adoption of The Pallet LOOP across the construction sector could lead to a 75% reduction in timber usage and 40% drop in CO2 emissions.

Commenting on the new membership, CPA Chief Executive Peter Caplehorn, said: “It’s wonderful to see companies like The Pallet LOOP step up to the challenge presented by the climate emergency and put circular economy principles at its heart. It’s clear from government that the decade ahead will be one of transition as we move towards a decarbonised economy based on a “reduce, reuse, recycle” model for resources. I’m delighted to welcome The Pallet LOOP to the CPA and look forward to their contribution to our sustainability work.”

Nathan Wride, Head of Partnerships & Innovation at The Pallet LOOP, said: “It’s an exciting time for the team at The Pallet LOOP as we ready ourselves for the nationwide roll out of our green pallets in Q2 2022. We officially launched our business in early November – during COP26 – and have been overwhelmed by the response we have received. Across the construction industry supply chain, there is a real commitment to engage with The Pallet LOOP and embrace a circular economy pallet solution that will be better for business and the planet. Every year more than 18 million pallets are manufactured and distributed throughout the UK construction industry, but less than 10% are currently reused. The Pallet LOOP will change this, ensuring pallets aren’t skipped or scrapped when they reach their destination but instead are used again and again.”

CPA members interested in finding out more about The Pallet LOOP, and how it could be integrated into their operations, should email: or call the team on: 0800 246130.




The Construction Products Association (CPA)
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The Pallet LOOP

The Pallet LOOP is a transformational, circular economy, pallet reuse scheme that is on a mission to eliminate avoidable pallet waste in the UK construction sector. Founded by some of the biggest names in the UK pallet industry, The Pallet LOOP provides construction companies with a greener, safer, leaner way of transporting building materials. Shifting the sector away from the current pallet practice of ‘deliver, distribute and discard’ to the principles of ‘recover, repair, reuse’, The Pallet LOOP incentivises pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to- administer, deposit-based system. Offering a 72-hour turnaround on the collection of its distinctive green LOOP pallets, via a network of more than 40 collection hubs nationwide, The Pallet LOOP is committed to helping the UK construction industry cut its consumption of timber, improve its sustainability credentials, and increase its contribution to the nation’s zero waste and zero carbon ambitions.

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