Industry welcomes renewed commitment to an Industrial Strategy at CPA Parliamentary Reception

By Emma Salmon at Thursday, October 19, 2017

On 18 November 2017, more than 125 CPA members and industry colleagues joined MPs, Peers and civil servants at the Construction Products Association’s annual Parliamentary Reception to discuss the vital role our sector plays in the UK economy.

The event served as a forum to discuss the government’s renewed commitment to an Industrial Strategy and put the case forward for why UK manufacturing and construction matters if government is to meet policy targets, especially around house building and infrastructure.

The UK is the 8th largest manufacturing economy in the world, whilst the construction sector provides 2 million jobs across a £152 billion market. The CPA and members shared the work they are undertaking to support the government’s long-term strategy for construction covering skills, modern methods of construction, investment in UK facilities and R&D, and promoting a greener, more sustainable built environment.

Also debated was the need for a sector deal for construction and what the industry could deliver with an Industrial Strategy.

Guest speakers included:

  • Alok Sharma, Minister of State for Housing and Planning
  • The Earl of Lindsay
  • Lord Stunell, Lords Spokesperson for Construction
  • Carl Arntzen, CPA Chairman

Carl Arntzen, CPA Chairman and CEO of Worcester Bosch UK, said: "The CPA has invested a great deal of time and resources over the past year to advance what we believe is our industry's best hope to help mitigate the volatility of the market and set it on a path of modernisation, growth and stability. 

"With unprecedented uncertainties ahead of us, our industry needs to change and lead from the front; to be more efficient, develop smarter methods of construction, improve quality, performance and sustainability throughout the lifetime of our products, and attract and develop a more highly-skilled workforce.

"The partnership between government and industry has the potential for sweeping changes and rewards, and evenings like this one give us that chance to listen and agree a way forward."

View the CPA's Industrial Strategy digest here.

Industry welcomes renewed commitment to an Industrial Strategy at CPA Parliamentary Reception

By Emma Salmon at 19 Oct 2017, 13:35 PM