CPA Webinar: BS476 Changes to Fire Testing: What you need to know

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CPA Webinar: Golden Thread requirements and creating PDTs using the LEXiCON process

With legislation emerging highlighting the importance of digital product information to building safety, the need to create consensus-agreed product data templates (PDTs) is becoming ever more important. While the LEXiCON project is still in development, there are opportunities for trade associations and manufacturers to begin their journey towards creating PDTs following the LEXiCON methodology. In this webinar, the panellists will highlight one such example from the door and hardware sector, in the hope that this might inspire others to begin their digitalisation journey.

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CPA Webinar: Sustainability as a Business Issue

At the CPA, sustainability policy has been a central priority for almost twenty years. In this webinar Jane Thornback speaks about her role as CPA’s Sustainability Policy Advisor where she has run the Sustainability Policy Group for over 18 years. This Group now has over 200 participants from amongst CPA’s broad membership. Construction product manufacturers need to be aware the rapidly changing policy and market context, and assess the business challenges and opportunities these pose for their product sector or company. In this webinar, Jane explains how CPA aims to provide clarity for its trade associations and company members. Hosted by: Jane Thornback, CPA’s Sustainability Policy Advisor. Fabiola Flamini, CPA's Events and Membership Executive

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