CPA Webinar: Sustainability as a Business Issue

22 November 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Sustainability webinar hosted by CPA's Sustainability Policy Advisor Jane Thornback

At the CPA, sustainability policy has been a central priority for almost twenty years. In this webinar Jane Thornback will speak about her role as CPA’s Sustainability Policy Advisor where she has run the Sustainability Policy Group for over 18 years. This Group now has over 200 participants from amongst CPA’s broad membership. Jane provides a forecasting service to CPA members highlighting changing government policies and trends as well as market-based drivers that are emerging to address climate change and resource challenges. Jane also develops the industry responses to Government Calls for Evidence and consultations, the two precursors to emerging regulation. CPA’s aim being to ensure new policies and regulations are standards based and business viable.

The transition to Net Zero, issues of resource use and ideas about a circular economy are impacting not only the manufacturing process but also the market and procurement demands from clients and contractors. How can a manufacturer keep track of all these topics and changes, how can it measure and report its impact; and how to avoid being completely baffled? Construction product manufacturers need to be aware of this rapidly changing policy and market context and assess the business challenges and opportunities these pose for their product sector or company. In this webinar, Jane will explain how CPA aims to provide clarity for its trade association and company members.