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Green Deal & ECO

Lost amongst so much criticism of the Green Deal following the recent release of the finance figures is a simple matter of semantics. What is important to keep in mind is that the initiative is called “Green Deal & ECO” and not just “Green Deal”.

By Duncan King at 5 Jul 2013

Spending Round 2013

Leading up to this spending round George Osborne promised a ‘dynamic vision for the future of British Infrastructure’, a much needed boost for an industry which has lost a staggering £20 billion in annual output since the financial crisis.

By Kallum Pickering at 2 Jul 2013

Comments on the new Industrial Strategy

The announcement today of the industrial strategy, ‘Construction 2025’ has been welcomed as a positive first step and hopefully the start of a long term transformation of both construction manufacturing and the wider construction market. This is a first-of-its-kind endeavour, borne out of considerable effort over the last six months and involving the entire supply chain under the auspices of the Strategic Forum for Construction

By Administrator at 2 Jul 2013


Today, 1st July, is CE Day which is a bit like VE Day in that it has something to do with Europe. Unfortunately it is not victory but the more mundane Conformite European that is upon us.

By John Tebbit at 1 Jul 2013

Stormy with Bright Spells

The ONS April figures for construction output, unlike the weather, provided no surprises today. The forecast is still gloomy for most sectors – dark skies remain going forward with occasional bright spells emerging from private housing.Annual output fell by 1.1% in April, the slowest rate in more than a year.

By Kallum Pickering at 14 Jun 2013

There are 111 items on 23 pages.


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