The blended workplace: your two essential guides

How to manage homeworking and the challenges returning to work. Guest blog by CPA Associates, Citation.

As lockdown measures ease, the government has been encouraging employees to return to their workplaces if necessary. But for many, this transition brings a number of challenges, with many preferring a blended workplace balance after the success businesses have found from temporary home working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to check if blended working could be beneficial for your business and employees, the experts of CPA Associate Member, Citation, have put together two free guides to put you on the right path.

Whether you need more guidance on managing longer-term home working, or how to face the challenges when an employee can’t (or won’t) return to work, these exclusive guides will help you get started.

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Thanks to our many years of working with businesses – especially during this unprecedented time – we know just how important it is you get your HR and Health & Safety compliance just right.

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When you partner with us, we’re on hand to make sure that you’ve got access to all the information, tools and templates you need to keep you compliant from day one.

Some of the great resources we can offer you include:

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  • In-depth resources featuring our expert guidance and guaranteed advice;
  • Tools, templates and examples that you can easily make specific to your business;
  • Elearning modules so you can rest assured that everyone understands their responsibilities in the workplace.

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