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The Hi-Vis Jacket and Hard Hat Election

With the festive holiday period now behind us and as we start to slowly get back into the grind of work and post holiday diets there will be one event that will dominate press coverage throughout the year: the UK General Election.

We are currently faced with a political environment that we have not witnessed in the post war era. With the two main parties currently neck and neck in the polls and with the emergence of smaller political parties, predicting the outcome has never been so difficult.

The election has led to many political commentators debating the possibility of a historic two election year with potentially the next prime minister, not necessarily, being appointed from the largest political party.  The big question for all political commentators is who will stand outside Number 10 in May?  For public affairs executives trying to develop a public affairs strategy, the environment has never been so multifaceted.

There is, however, one prediction I am willing to make.  I predict this election will be remembered not only for the result but for politicians photographed in ill fitted hi-vis jackets and hard hats.  With the age of social media and instant uploading of pictures, politicians have never been so enthusiastic about visiting manufacturing plants and facilities in order to showcase their continual engagement and support for local businesses.

Industry is currently in a strong position to actively engage with key policy makers.  With MPs and parliamentary political candidates eager for the perfect hi-vis photograph, I call on all companies to invite and host their local politicians at their facilities and plants in the build up to the election in May.

It has never been so important for companies to engage with their local politicians.  With the outcome so difficult to predict, it is fundamental that all potential candidates understand the economic and social importance that construction product manufacturing has in their constituencies and across the UK as a whole.

2014 saw the Boris Brick, will 2015 see the announcement of Cameron’s Clay, Clegg’s Concrete, Miliband’s Metal or even Farage Flooring?  I look forward to seeing the photographic uploads over the next few months.

By Jonathan Bloom at 8 Jan 2015, 11:43 AM


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