Procurement Guidance Tool

A tool to assist procurers in the construction pipeline to implement the Balanced Scorecard Approach developed by government.

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Forecasting and Monitoring

The Association’s Economics Team provides a range of information, analysis and forecasts covering all aspects of the UK construction sector. We produce authoritative economic publications such as “Construction Industry Forecasts”, “Construction Trade Survey” and product manufacturing “State of Trade Survey” which provide members, policy-makers, media and industry observers with insight into the state of the construction products manufacturing and construction sectors to facilitate planning and business development.

The Association’s aim is to highlight the benefits of investment into the built environment, particularly infrastructure, new housing and energy-saving retrofitting of the existing housing stock. We monitor the effectiveness of relevant policy announcements from government and assess their ability to deliver activity on the ground. We undertake market research and provide updated economic and industry data to.

Members of the Association are entitled to receive our economics research at no additional cost, whereas non-members can purchase our regular publications by downloading our subscription form.

The Market Information publications include key economic, construction, building products and housing information from data sources including the Office of National Statistics, the Bank of England, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills that is updated as soon as data is published and downloadable by members and subscribers from the Association’s website.

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Underpinned by a comprehensive survey of our members, the CPA State of Trade Survey provides timely analysis of current trends in the construction products manufacturing sector and an assessment of likely trading conditions going forward.

In addition to sales, the report includes analysis of trends in employment, cost inflation, capacity utilisation and international trade. In addition, it distinguishes between the experience of manufacturers of heavy side products (typically used in the early stages of the construction process) and light side firms (producing products used internally and at a later stage in the build).

The CPA State of Trade Survey is published on a quarterly basis in early April, July, October and January.

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The Construction Trade Survey provides a timely, pan-industry assessment of current and expected conditions within construction. Analysing a range of independent surveys – building contracting, specialists work, civil engineering and product manufacturing – the Construction Trade Survey offers an overall view of the whole industry in one convenient document.

The Construction Trade Survey is published on a quarterly basis in May, August, November and February.

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The Construction Industry Forecasts provides forecasts up to 2015 for 29 industry sectors, including house building, roads, rail, offices, schools and hospitals, over the next 5 years. Forecasts for all 29 sectors are published quarterly and accompanied by comprehensive written analysis in Summer, with shorter update reports, focusing on areas of change and the latest industry developments, in Spring, Autumn and Winter. The Detailed Forecast and Quarterly Updates include a breakdown of the forecasts in Excel for all 29 sectors and a powerpoint presentation is also available.

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Presented in an interactive Excel file, the Construction Information Database collates a wide range of economic and industry specific data, ranging from GDP to house prices.

Segmented into four areas: economy, construction, housing and industry, the Database contains more than 50 variables to provide users with vital information about trends in the industry and wider economy. 

The Construction Information Database is available to members and non-members subscribing to the Association’s Full Information Package of economics information (please see the subscription form for further details).