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The flooding issues over the past few years have left an extensive trail of damage to homes and businesses across the UK with some areas being affected more than once. Following the initial flooding, the government set up the Bonfield Review to develop a Property Flood Resilience Action Plan which was published in September 2016. In the wake of further floods, Defra and the Environment Agency, along with local authorities, the insurance industry, research organisations, standards writers and representatives of construction product manufacturers established various initiatives to help deal with what is now regarded as unavoidable natural disasters due to climate change. These involved:

  • Development of a Code of Practice and supporting documents by CIRIA

  • Developed a new standard dealing with flood protection products by BSI

  • Reports from Defra on practical local projects to test resilience measures in properties at risk of flooding

  • Training of appropriate professionals to inspect and repair damaged property

  • Development of a Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder Project to make a property more resilient to floods when they occur.

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