LEXiCON – a single process for BIM data

By Emma Salmon at Friday, March 3, 2017

LEXiCON will be a world-first in providing industry with a plain language dictionary to share product data consistently - clearing up growing confusion over the process of standardising product information for use in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Construction Products Association Deputy Chief Executive and Policy Director, Peter Caplehorn, provides an update on the status of the project.

We have received a great amount of interest spreading across the construction industry following the announcement in January with project partners the Building Engineering Services Association and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. Most recently we were delighted that David Hancock who leads the Government Construction Team and chairs the Government Construction Board for the Cabinet Office and Infrastructure and Projects Authority, reference the work and importance of industry responding to digital innovation in an interview.

LEXiCON will provide a new fabric of doing things, making collaboration across industry more straightforward. By increasing the accessibility of product information for both those requesting and providing it, e.g. designers and manufacturers, this will allow construction to be more efficient and genuinely operate with just-in-time delivery.  

Of major importance is the news that the CPA product data standard will be adopted as the basis for PAS 1192-6 as part of the national BIM family of standards.

On the project itself work is advancing on several fronts. We are very grateful to members of BIM4M2 who are putting the software through its paces, and it’s fair to say they have been working really hard with the developers to develop a robust and fit for purpose platform. This is particularly important in making sure the platform is inclusive and SME friendly.

Work on the new section of the CPA website where the platform will sit is nearly complete and the developers are liaising with the software team to be ready for the day when this all comes together.

Another important part of the project is to launch with data included for common standards, this is being supplied by a number of our partner stakeholders. We are working through the necessary formal agreements to allow this to happen in a structured and formal process. Conversations also continue with our colleagues at Construction Products Europe and developing the interest on a European stage with the European Committee for Standardisation.

We are looking forward to our first meeting with the LEXiCON advisory board next month, and are continuing discussions with the UKBIM Alliance to ensure that this work synchronises with projects in other areas. As soon as we are confident with the functionality of software we will announce the programme for Relevant Authorities inductions to start on a series of pilot workshops on how to use the system.


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By Emma Salmon at 3 Mar 2017, 08:20 AM