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CITB Supports CPA Skills Report

Construction is back, and over the next five years we expect strong, steady growth across the UK. Key to this will be advanced products, materials and processes, which can help transform the buildings and infrastructure where we live and work, making them safer, stronger and more efficient.

By Adrian Belton (CITB) at 12 Nov 2015

CPA Survey of Members’ Training

[This blog is excerpted from the Skills Report 2015, and is the second in a series.] We surveyed our members to map the training provision across all products and materials and to determine the number of people and courses available.

By Jonathan Bloom at 12 Nov 2015

Climate Adaption Workshop + APRES Conference

Climate Adaptation Workshop, Brussels Numerous initiatives are looking at the needs for climate adaptation of our cities and buildings, given the likely changes in climate scenarios expected regardless of measures to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

By Jane Thornback at 6 Nov 2015

CPA Launches Skills Report

[This blog is excerpted from the Skills Report 2015, and is the first in a series.] As the construction industry continues on the path to recovery, skills shortages are becoming more apparent. The industry has lost 343,000 jobs since the financial crisis and will lose another 400,000 to retirement in the coming decade.

By Jonathan Bloom at 5 Nov 2015

Green Investment Bank (GIB) proposed privatisation

The Government has declared that it will repeal the relevant sections of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 so that it can rapidly privatise the Green Investment Bank (GIB). Whilst privatisation at some stage was expected, the sudden announcement took everyone by surprise and CPA has expressed its concerns to several Members of both Houses.

By Jane Thornback at 30 Oct 2015

There are 24 items on 5 pages.


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