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Construction Products Association

Construction activities deliver the homes, offices, schools, hospitals and infrastructure that underpin modern society.  However, the construction, maintenance, refurbishment and use of this built environment has a major environmental impact as it is the main user of primary resources; a major user of energy and producer of carbon emissions; and it creates large amounts of waste.  The sustainability challenge therefore is how do we fufil society’s aspirations without compromising the future.

Despite the current difficult economic conditions, there is still pressing need for improving and increasing the housing supply, modernising and increasing the number of schools and hospitals, and investing substantially in the energy and transport infrastructures.  These demands are further fuelled by the predicted rapid increase in the UK population in the coming decades, and by the need to respond to the twin challenges of energy security and climate change.

The Construction Products Association, the umbrella body for manufacturers and distributors is working with its members to deliver the products and materials that will deliver the sustainable built environment.